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Best U.S. Cities to Start a New Small Business

In times like these, a new small business needs every advantage possible. Even with lots of hard work and careful planning, many small businesses fail to survive long enough to establish themselves and build a customer base.  Money is always going to be tight at the beginning. You can’t carve out a market niche for […]


5 Things to Do If Your Business Is Closed by Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus continues to affect employees, business owners make tough decisions. Some business owners have reduced the number of employees, while other business owners have furloughed their staff. Sometimes, depending on the industry, neither reducing nor furloughing employees result in business profits. Closing a business is the direst of scenarios that a business owner […]


5 Steps to Writing a Killer Business Plan

You’re a business owner now, and the world is full of opportunities. It’s time to take action, develop your product and show your audience what they’re missing. Before you do any of that, however, you’re going to need to write a business plan.   Whether you’ve just started a small business, or you’re struggling to grow […]