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What’s Included in the New Stimulus Bill?

The third stimulus bill is undergoing modifications with a Senate vote pending. While the next stimulus bill has yet to become law, there are dozens of ways it could improve your quality of life. As the nation continues to suffer the effects of COVID-19’s economic losses, many look forward to the next stimulus bill’s passage. […]


Savings on the Road: Tax Deductions for Truck Drivers

While many truck drivers work hard throughout the year, their work becomes most apparent during tax season. Truck drivers may be eligible to save when it is time to file taxes. There are some exceptions to savings applicable to truck drivers and limits to how much you can save. Here is what you should know […]


6 Things Small Businesses Need to Know About Invoices

There are few documents more critical to small businesses than the invoice. Business owners will have difficulty running their business and making a profit without considering their invoicing system, especially if they offer a service.  A company’s invoicing system serves as a tool to record how the revenue is appropriately collected in a small business […]


Taxes for Truckers: How to Handle Excise Tax

If you drive trucks, sell trucks, or run any trucking-related business, you need to be familiar with all the taxes and fees associated with trucks. For truckers just starting, you may need to budget for these tax responsibilities ahead of time.  Truck drivers who drive big rigs on the highway have to pay the Heavy Highway […]


6 Steps to Take to Maximize Your 2020 Tax Deductions

There are many different ways to save money as a taxpayer. Recognizing which credits and deductions you are eligible to claim may be the most important.  Tax deductions and credits can make a huge difference on your tax return and leave you with much more money to use, save, or invest. Tax deductions work by reducing […]


Pros and Cons of Bookkeepers vs the DIY Method

Bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects of any small business. It is also important that you know the process, whether you work with a bookkeeper or do it yourself.  There are pros and cons to each, and there are also things that you should know too. Here is what you should know about […]


Bookkeeping 101: What is Accounts Receivable?

Accounts receivable are an essential aspect of your business’s finances. Accounts receivable are legally enforceable claims for payment held by a company for goods supplied or services rendered that customers/clients have ordered, but haven’t yet been paid for. What is Accounts Receivable? Accounts receivable is goods, money, or services owed to a business. Accounts receivable […]


10 Ways to Deduct Business Expenses as a Freelancer

Work as a freelancer brings both extra opportunities and extra challenges. It’s appealing for many because you can be independent. You’re a small business owner with the freedom to decide what to do on your own. You don’t have to worry about any other shareholders or employees.  For most freelancers being your own boss and […]


Are You Wasting Time on Small Business Bookkeeping?

Even the smallest of small businesses have bookkeeping and accounting needs. Small business owners need basic bookkeeping to keep track of income and expenses. It’s essential for filing taxes, but bookkeeping also gives you essential information for business decisions. How are you planning to expand? How many new staff members can you afford?  Bookkeeping gives […]