Entrepreneur Sean Conley shares his small business success story of launching ConleyGlobal, LLC through which he assists clients with business management and leadership consulting.

Entrepreneur Sean Conley shares his small business success story of launching ConleyGlobal, LLC through which he assists clients with business management and leadership consulting.

Sean Conley loves people. His passion is helping others be more successful. To facilitate this passion, he decided to start up his own small business called ConleyGlobal, LLC.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company was officially established in January 2013. Sean serves as a business consultant who specializes in business transformation and team development.

“I provide coaching and training for large and small organizations worldwide,” he explains. “I work with both individuals and teams to develop their business, leadership, and people skills. My goal is to help businesses grow and develop through the people who are behind them.”

Sean talks about how he started his career and ended up as one of the many successful American small business owners working today.

“I started off as a waiter,” he says. “I found a knack for working with people and was really good at helping people. If people couldn’t make up their mind on something, I could help them. After awhile, people asked if I would train employees and managers. I’m a product of a lot of hard work, and I love what I do.”

While Sean is based in Los Angeles, he continually travels around the world for ConleyGlobal and has worked on 6 continents and in almost 50 different countries. He says it’s the love for his work that will make his small business prosper.
“It’s all about my passion for what I do,” he says. “I’ve always been able to build relationships and make great friends over the years, which is why word-of-mouth is a huge benefit for me. Most people call me, which means I don’t have to call others looking for business. I walk into every situation knowing I’m going to give everything I’ve got.”

He uses many different methods to communicate with his clients, including Skype, e-mail, web-based chats, and face-to-face meetings. His clients run the gamut and have fallen under industries like oil and gas, entertainment, healthcare, and even a few Fortune 20 to Fortune 100 corporations.

One of Sean’s key philosophies is that business owners should treat each of their employees individually.

“Business leaders sometimes treat their employees all the same,” he says. “I say you have to treat people as individuals, which can make your job harder. That’s why these leaders don’t always make an effort to do this.”

He thoroughly enjoys meeting and working with the variety of personalities he comes across through his small business.

“I’m fascinated by people. You never know what someone is going to say. Sometimes I think, ‘Wow, where did that come from?’ or ‘That was interesting.’ It amazes me how so few individuals have really good people skills.”

Because he helps improve communication aspects of businesses, he has seen how modern technology has dramatically changed these processes.

“Our thumbs are getting a lot of exercise, but our ears and voices are lacking nowadays,” he says. “It’s amazing how people say things online that they won’t say in person.”

Sean describes how the competition in his industry isn’t quite the same as it is in other fields.

“There are millions of people who do what I do, but I do it differently. When people get to know me, they like what I offer.”

His company website is www.conleyglobal.com, but he typically gets nearly all of his clients through referrals.

Challenges to Small Business Ownership

All small business owners encounter both anticipated and unexpected challenges when getting their brand new companies off the ground. For Sean, he had to come to the realization that he could actually practice what he preaches.

“It was kind of self-doubt,” he admits. “I coach and teach people about this stuff, but I fell into this same trap at first. It just validated what I do for a living. Fortunately, I had a great mentor who helped me. I didn’t know how to handle billing, taxes, payroll, or health insurance. There is so much that business owners are accounting for every single day.”

Tips for Aspiring Small Business Owners

Sean offers some advice for aspiring small business owners looking to take the entrepreneurial risk.

“You’ve got to be good at what you’re doing. People say, ‘I’m going to start a flower shop,’ but they don’t know anything about flowers. It’s too competitive out there. Think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Figure out what you want to do and do it well. Continually educate yourself.”

Sean is a client of 1-800Accountant. He talks about his very positive experience working with the national accounting and business consulting firm.

“I have been more than satisfied with the support from 1-800Accountant,” he says. “Nobody tells you that you need a tax professional when you start a small business. Every question I’ve had has been answered to the fullest extent. I talk to someone every month, and they speak to me at my level. Everyone is always nice, patient, and I truly value my calls with 1-800Accountant.”

Photo credit: The photograph of Sean Conley was provided by ConleyGlobal, LLC and is used with permission.


Written by Taylor Covey

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