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Overseeing Wind Farm Projects Through A Small Business

Ken Bergman’s brain is constantly spinning like the blades on a windmill. Thanks to his broad knowledge on wind farm construction, Bergman decided that starting a business in this industry was the best path for him to take in his varied career. Bergman, a 1-800Accountant client, started Mountainman Wind Energy, LLC in May 2014. The […]


How to Turn Your Hobby into a Small Business

From running on a treadmill to playing the trumpet to writing haikus, there are lots of activities that we all enjoy to get some much-needed relaxation from the everyday stresses of life. So, in the entrepreneurial world, this begs the question: is it possible to turn one of your favorite hobbies into a formal, money-making […]


Helping Patients is Dr. Khan’s Key to Startup Success

Dr. Farhan Khan loves to help patients feel better. To formally conduct his medical practice in Houston, Texas, Khan decided to take a shot at starting a business. The 1-800Accountant client proudly oversees Farhan Khan, MD, PA, Inc. The practice officially incorporated in January 2014. He has three employees who work in his office. Khan […]


Astronauts and Taxes: How Space Walkers Pay Uncle Sam

Today marks the 49th anniversary of the first U.S. space walk. On June 3, 1965, NASA launched the Gemini IV, an early space exploration and research mission. Astronauts James McDivitt and Edward White II circled the globe 66 times, and White spent about 20 minutes outside the spacecraft while tethered to it. So, when it […]


Automatic Gratuities for Servers Now Considered Regular Wages

Happy National Waiters and Waitresses Day! On this day each year, we recognize the hard work that those who serve us food and beverages do each day to satisfy our cravings. However, while being a server can be a very rewarding experience, the IRS has made it a little more difficult for servers this year […]


5 Tips to Startup Success on Be a Millionaire Day

Happy Be a Millionaire Day! We all want to achieve the American dream and get rich quick. The problem is the vast majority of entrepreneurs rarely enjoy immediate financial success like contestants who answer 15 questions to win a cool million on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? But if you take the following steps […]


How Alpacas Helped an Entrepreneur Find Startup Success

Deidre Shellenberger was looking to supplement the income from her full-time job. So she and her husband, Joey Stowe, decided that starting a business by running an alpaca farm was perfect for them in their rural Georgia town. The two entrepreneurs launched Destiny Alpaca Farm, LLC in Young Harris, Georgia in November 2013. Destiny Alpaca […]


4 Tips on Building an Ideal Family Business

Familial familiarity is a huge part of why lots of family businesses enjoy success. If you want to get in on this action, check out the following tips on building an ideal family-owned small business: 1. Consider an unrelated CEO or business partner. In the world of family businesses, there is often some debate about […]


Are You Ready for the IRS Deadline for Nonprofit Tax Returns?

There’s a big assumption that tax-exempt nonprofits are not responsible for filing any tax-related documents with the IRS. Think again. If you operate a nonprofit, there is an important filing deadline coming up for many of these organizations on May 15th that you don’t want to miss. Types of Nonprofit Tax Returns Despite the fact […]


Congress Turning to Angel Investors to Spur Economic Growth

Congress is looking to encourage more angel investors to put more of their money behind companies as a way to reignite the American economy. Small businesses and startups drive U.S. economic growth, which is why lawmakers are looking into legislation that can support this initiative. What are Angel Investors? An angel investor is an individual […]