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Giving Customers Something They’ll “Love” to Wear

Entrepreneur Love King works as a full-time hospital administrator, overseeing doctors and nurses and ensuring patients receive top-notch medical care. But King wanted to do something on the side that was totally different from working in a busy medical center. So she thought that starting a business in the online retail space through which she […]


Bringing the Bright Lights of Broadway & Music to Cleveland

Sean Szaller and Miles Sternfeld have been partaking in the arts through stage performances for most of their lives. After spotting a large arts renaissance in a major American city, they thought it best to bring Broadway musicals there through the development of their own small business. The two business partners launched Cleveland Musical Theatre, […]


Improving Leadership & Communication in Organizations

Sean Conley loves people. His passion is helping others be more successful. To facilitate this passion, he decided to start up his own small business called ConleyGlobal, LLC. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company was officially established in January 2013. Sean serves as a business consultant who specializes in business transformation and team development. […]