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Small Business Invoices: 6 Things Business Owners Need to Know

There are few documents more critical than a small business invoice. Business owners will have difficulty running their businesses and making a profit without considering their invoicing system, especially if they offer a service. A company’s invoicing system serves as a tool to record how the revenue is appropriately collected in a small business environment. […]


Pros and Cons of Bookkeepers vs the DIY Method

The complex process of bookkeeping can pose significant challenges for small business owners. Regardless of whether you’re inclined towards managing it yourself (the DIY method) or hiring a professional bookkeeper, a thorough understanding of both approaches is important. This article offers a comparative analysis of these methods. We’ll cover the pros and cons for each […]


7 Easy Bookkeeping Tips for Entrepreneurs

Managing finances is one of the most challenging aspects for entrepreneurs or those just starting a business. Bookkeeping, in particular, can seem daunting, given the multitude of transactions, receipts, and invoices that need to be tracked and organized.  Maintaining accurate financial records is crucial when assessing the health of your business. It allows you to […]


Bookkeeping 101: How to Keep Good Financial Records

If there’s one thing that small business owners and entrepreneurs need to know right off the bat – it’s how to maintain their records. Sloppy financial records can spell disaster for small businesses. If you can’t keep up with your books, you’ll find yourself in trouble further down the line if you ever run into […]


How to Create a Simple Bookkeeping Spreadsheet for Your Business

Efficiently managing your business finances may seem like a challenging task, but with a well-structured bookkeeping spreadsheet, you can easily track your financial transactions. Whether you decide to create the spreadsheet yourself or to work with an accounting professional, understanding the different types of accounts is crucial. In this article, we’ll outline the key aspects of […]


A Guide to Small Business Expense Tracking

Tax season is right around the corner. Now is the time to prepare your small business taxes. This includes everything from invoices, receipt books, bank statements, and any records pertaining to your small business expenses. Maybe you’re well-prepared and already a pro at keeping a detailed daily expense tracker. Or maybe you’ve let some things […]


Virtual Bookkeeping: How To Find the Best Online Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is something that all businesses will benefit from starting. When it comes to how you do your bookkeeping, you may not know that you have options.  Virtual bookkeeping is a bookkeeping option that may be right for your business, and it has advantages and differences. Learn more about how to hire the best bookkeeping […]


What is Considered Accounts Receivable: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding accounts receivable is an essential aspect of your business’s finances and payment terms. Accounts receivable are legally enforceable claims for payment held by a company for goods supplied or services rendered that customers/clients have ordered but haven’t yet been paid for. What is Accounts Receivable? Accounts receivable is goods, money, or services owed to […]


Bookkeeping Terminology: 35 Common Bookkeeping Terms

I cannot emphasize enough the advantages that effective bookkeeping brings to small business owners. By diligently tracking your company’s financial activities, you’ll gain insight into profits or losses and maintain a well-organized record of transactions. Solid bookkeeping practices also prove invaluable during a potential IRS audit. To successfully navigate the world of bookkeeping, it’s essential […]