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Finances 101: What to Expect When You Open an Online Store


When it comes to starting a business with low overhead, opening an online store seems like a surefire bet. You run operations from the comfort of your PJs, and there’s no need to rent out a space or hire an arsenal of employees. However, opening an online store still has some financial concerns involved. Learn […]

Do You Owe Estimated Taxes on April 18?


We all know that April 18, 2017 is Tax Day this year – the day by which personal income tax returns must be postmarked and mailed or electronically filed with the IRS. However, many taxpayers forget that this longstanding personal filing deadline also represents an estimated tax payment deadline. What Are Estimated Taxes? The concept […]

5 Ways to Start or Buy a Business Without Any Money


What a tragedy that so many great businesses’ ideas are never executed for want of one critical resource: money. Many would-be entrepreneurs believe it’s impossible to start a business without investing large amounts of your own cash. But that’s not necessarily the case. If you have a killer idea and the persistence and ingenuity to […]

REMINDER: New IRS Filing Deadlines for Partnerships & C Corporations in 2017

March calendar

The tax-filing deadlines for small business owners have traditionally remained the same for many years. More specifically, March 15 has been a longstanding date on the calendar for entrepreneurs who operate formal business entities across all fields. However, if you haven’t heard, the IRS has changed a few key due dates for certain business income […]

Now What? 5 Steps to Take Toward a Successful 2017

New shirts

  After reading our last article on the topic – Pre-Game: 5 Things to Do Before Tackling Your New Year’s Resolutions – we’re sure you’re eager to tackle those goals and start setting the tone for 2017. They don’t call January “the Monday of months” for nothing. Consider penciling these tasks on your bursting “To Do” list. […]

FYI: 2017 Tax Law Changes That Could Affect You

2017 calendar

After “Auld Lang Syne” plays to usher in a new calendar year, you can always bet on the government and the Internal Revenue Service making changes and adjustments to tax laws from the previous year. Some years see lots of changes, while others only endure minor adjustments to the federal tax code. Below is an […]

Pre-Game: 5 Things to Do Before Tackling Your New Year’s Resolutions


  Despite people’s claims that New Year’s resolutions don’t work, we at 1-800Accountant are huge advocates of being goal-oriented and making lists. Hello, we’re accountants! Deadlines control our lives. Whether you had a good year or a bad year, we can all agree that 2016 was a wild ride that has left us all a […]

Standard Mileage Rate Falls Again for Tax Year 2017

Businessman driving in a car

Self-employed professionals who use a vehicle for business trips were likely not thrilled when the standard mileage rate on deducting business mileage plummeted from 57.5 cents per mile in 2015 to 54 cents per mile in 2016. While the rate for 2017 is not dropping as much, it is still lower than the 2016 rate […]

Four Online Businesses You Can Start From Home

Man working on laptop

These days, the power of the Internet is incredible. There are loads of moneymaking opportunities right at your fingertips and from the comfort of your own home. With the new year approaching, perhaps you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side. Or, maybe you’re ready to leave your full-time job and become your […]

It’s Always Showtime For This Driven Entrepreneur


Daren Fuster says he wears about 17 hats with the two small businesses he operates and other work he’s involved in. This is probably an underestimation for the motivated entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Fuster, who is a client of 1-800Accountant, proudly runs Fuster Artistic, LLC (based in Los Angeles and established in 2016) and Pro […]