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What is a DBA Title or Doing Business As?

What’s in a name? The names you use for your business can communicate so much about who you are and what you do, and customers can use your name to share with others and spread the word.  Choosing a name for your business is a relatively straightforward decision, but it can have a significant impact […]


Which Business Entity Is Right For You?

Have you been dreaming about starting your own business? That’s wonderful! Becoming an entrepreneur can be an exciting and fulfilling journey. But where do you start? There is a lot to think about when establishing your new business.  One of the first steps for many business owners is setting up their business entity. What is […]


5 Inexpensive Marketing Techniques for Your Small Business

Growing your small business requires hard work and persistence. You have to expand your staff, your production, and your bookkeeping, all while managing your cash flow. On top of that, the most essential requirement for growth is an expanded customer base, which requires marketing.  Healthy and sustainable growth relies on juggling these related elements at […]


21 Hot Side Hustles You Can Start in 2022

This is the age of the side hustle. Not only do a growing number of full-time workers have a side hustle, but there are many others who have been able to completely replace their full-time income with side hustles.  Side hustles offer a ton of benefits for workers. On top of bringing in additional income, […]


10 Steps to Start an S-Corp in New York

Starting an S-Corp in New York can be great for your small business. New York state has a strong economy, large cities, and a large workforce, deciding to start an S-Corp is easy. Even though starting an S-Corp in New York may be the right decision for you, there are things you should keep in […]


6 Steps to Start an LLC in New York

Starting an LLC in New York may be a great decision to grow your business. New York has a large population, and it is one of the most business-friendly states in the country. Even though starting an LLC in New York can be beneficial, there are some important things to know. There are a few […]


5 Steps to Start an S Corp in Florida

Starting an S corp in Florida can propel your small business. You and your business can take advantage of the benefits of an S corp, but there are requirements and regulations you must follow as well.  All S corps start as corporations that are then converted to S corps. There are also rules you’ll need […]


6 Steps to Start an LLC in Texas

There are a lot of advantages to starting an LLC in Texas. Its business-friendly climate and large workforce make forming an LLC in Texas an easy choice. While creating an LLC in Texas is a great business decision, there are some things to know first.  The state of Texas is unique from other states with […]


6 Things to Include in an LLC Operating Agreement

A limited liability company is a flexible business entity that can protect your individual assets without sacrificing your control over the organization. It’s a popular kind of legal structure to consider when you’re starting a business. However, the first thing to know about starting an LLC is that you’ll need to put together an operating […]


S-Corp & C-Corp: What’s the Difference?

Every business has a structure that determines its operation and how the government will recognize it as a legal entity. Different business structures offer different benefits and restrictions, so it’s essential to understand what’s at stake in how you organize your business.   One common and important structure is the corporation. Corporations are legally independent business […]