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How and Why You Should Use Google My Business

For business owners in the United States today, having an online presence is no longer optional. Even if you do all of your business in person, many people will use the internet to find you or to help them decide if they’ll choose you or a competitor.  To be competitive, and even to connect with […]


IRS Extends Tax Deadline to May 17

The IRS recently extended the tax filing deadline for individuals. These extensions will make filing taxes easier for individuals, and if you’re eligible you’ll have a little extra breathing room to finalize your taxes.  Although there are extensions in the tax deadline for some taxpayers, other taxpayers won’t qualify. Here’s what the extended tax deadline […]


How to Grow Your Business: Part 4 – Email Marketing

The media environment is constantly changing. New technologies are being developed all of the time, along with innovative new forms of marketing. Business owners developing a budget for marketing for their small business face a bewildering range of options to invest in.   But just because new platforms are created doesn’t mean older forms of marketing […]


Start a Business Blog: Step 4 – Create a Website

At this point, you have your content strategy and at least a few pieces of high-quality content ready to publish. Now, you’re ready for the next stage of building your business blog: creating a website.  At first glance, creating a blog website may seem confusing and overwhelming. There are tons of different hosting platforms, themes, […]


Start a Business Blog: Step 1 – Domain and Name

In the business world today, an online presence is a must. When starting a business blog, the first step is finding a great domain name. Businesses experience plenty of benefits from creating websites, blogs, and social media pages. With so many businesses pursuing the same goals, it’s important to have a name that stands out […]


4 Reasons You Should Start a Blog for Your Business Today

If you’re a small business owner, you spend tremendous amounts of time and energy devoted to growing your business. In challenging times like these, sometimes basic survival becomes the most important goal.  The media environment has radically changed in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic has only caused more upheaval. Business owners must continuously learn […]


4 Common Work From Home Myths

By now, many Americans have been working from home for over 2 months to slow the spread of COVID-19. While some workplaces are slowly returning to normal operations, others are in no rush to return to the office. Remote work has been quite an adjustment for thousands of people, especially if this was their first […]