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Self-Employed vs. Business Owner: Legal & Tax Differences

The business status of “self-employed” and “small business ownership” are sometimes used interchangeably and usually indicate you’re your own boss. While certain aspects, such as business model or eligible tax deductions, intersect, they are separate types of entities from a tax standpoint. Use this blog to determine what each status indicates and their tax implications […]


Small Business Tax Credits You Could Qualify for in 2024

When you started your business, you probably weren’t thinking about full-time employees, tax bills and tax brackets, business expenses, or working with CPA tax professionals during tax season. Tax credits weren’t on your mind, either, which is understandable. But now that you’re up and running, it’s important to learn which credits your business is eligible […]


Top 14 Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Good employees are a critical asset for any business. That’s why it’s important to embrace a payroll process that pays them consistently and accurately while avoiding errors. Payroll mistakes are stressful for employees and can cause disruptions during tax season. Whether you’re considering hiring your first employee or already employing one, this blog will guide […]


Bookkeeping 101: What Is Accounts Payable?

Accounts payable is central to bookkeeping and payment processes. It helps small business owners determine to whom they’ll pay debts, and it’s also helpful in noting the amounts on your balance sheet. Schedule My Free Call While you may think accounts payable only refer to short-term debt, you should know some valuable things. Continue reading […]


Do You Need an Accountant for Your LLC?

You’ve had that Eureka moment and founded a small business to realize that vision. You’ve even made it official by forming as a limited liability company business entity, commonly known as an LLC. Congratulations! Now what? Now it’s time to consider taxes and whether your LLC needs an accountant. Because if you don’t, you could […]


What Triggers a Small Business Tax Audit?

It’s challenging to reach a consensus on anything, but exceptions exist. IRS audits are one of those exceptions. No one wants to be audited, and small business owners can do everything right and still receive a notice. This guide covers common issues that might trigger an audit, steps to protect your interests once you receive […]