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A Complete Small Business Tax Guide: Washington State (2024)

Washington, the Evergreen State, with its world-class cities of Seattle, Vancouver, and Spokane, is a popular place to establish a business. While there is no personal or corporate income tax, you would be responsible for paying other taxes, contributing to Washington’s high overall tax burden.   Thriving in such a unique environment takes effort and planning, […]


Navigating Small Business Taxes in Texas

Bigger is better in Texas–unless you’re talking taxes. While the Lone Star State has many pro-business features, such as a lack of income tax, there are various rules and regulations that are unique to Texas. These include sales tax rates, tax deadlines, franchise tax, and other integral components of Texas tax law that you should […]


Florida’s Tax Rates For Small Businesses and Corporations

New York and California attract businesses due to their bustling industries and high population centers. However, that popularity comes with a price: higher operational costs and tax rates, which is why many owners and entrepreneurs are looking elsewhere to establish their businesses, including one of the most business-friendly states in the country, Florida. Its economy […]


Complete Guide to California Small Business Taxes

Each state has unique rules and regulations for taxes on small businesses, and a few don’t have a corporate income tax for you to worry about at all. But California isn’t one of them! If you’re starting a small business in California or have just launched, you must be familiar with and ready to handle […]


How To Register Your Small Business In Florida: 2024 Guide

Registering your small business in Florida is a great decision. The Sunshine State’s economy and industries have continued to attract small business owners and entrepreneurs who appreciate the region’s tax-friendliness and pro-business culture. If you’re interested in setting up in Florida, use this comprehensive guide to learn how to register your small business there. How […]


California LLC Tax Filing Due Date In 2024 + Extensions

Doing business in California is expensive. Many businesses, though, are ok with the high costs because of the Golden State’s strong economy and numerous opportunities to grow. But there’s no question that California has more fees and red tape to cut through than many other states. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) operating in California are taxed […]


How to Fill Out and File IRS Form 944 in 2024

Payroll compliance is an important aspect of running your small business. The goal of payroll should be to pay your employees correctly and on time while ensuring that you take appropriate actions to comply with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) standards. Completing and filing the correct payroll-related form is an essential part of fulfilling your payroll […]