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What’s in the New $484 Billion Coronavirus Bill?

Recently, the House of Representatives passed a $484 billion bill to mitigate economic losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. The funding will provide relief in the form of economic stimulus for hospitals and small businesses. It’s also expected that Congress will pass bills to stimulate the economy in the coming weeks and months. Further updates about […]

Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program: What Should I Know?

With the coronavirus still raging through the United States, the SBA continues to accept loan applications from small businesses affected by the pandemic. Not only did the government provide additional funding to disaster loans such as the PPP and EIDLs, but there’s also still funding for the Express Bridge Loan (EBL) Pilot Program, designed to provide immediate […]

File or Extend: A Complete List of 2020 Tax Deadlines

Understanding your tax requirements as a small business owner or individual is tricky and challenging at the best of times. There are so many moving pieces and requirements – all due on different days – that it can be hard to keep it all straight!  However, there are few things more important for the long-term […]

Finding Insurance for an LLC or S-Corp

When starting a new business, there always seem to be a thousand and one tasks to complete and accounts to set up. But, one of the very first considerations to focus on is insurance coverage, so that you can protect all of your hard work.  At the very least, liability claims are a risk every […]

Why Does my Small Business Need a Registered Agent?

Regardless of how large your business has grown, or if you’re just starting out, everyone needs a few talented human resources. A bookkeeper, someone familiar with taxes in your state, and a registered agent. What is a Registered Agent? A registered agent is an individual (or a company) that’s your official point of contact with […]

What an LLC can mean to Real Estate Agents

For a real estate agent, setting up an LLC is absolutely essential in forming your real estate business. The majority of real estate agents work as self-employed, independent contractors; even those agents who work for brokerages operate in a similar capacity, filing 1099 forms for their tax returns. Independent contractors usually have more freedom and a greater earning […]

How Biden Saved $500k in Taxes

With the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, President Trump revamped the tax code in major ways, creating attractive tax cuts for virtually all businesses and for many American taxpayers. But if recent history is any indication, Joe Biden might know a thing or two of his own about how to save on taxes. […]