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19 Tips for Managing Your Small Business Finances

At any point in the management of your small business, your small business’s finances will be central to its success. As your business grows and develops, it can become more challenging to pinpoint where to focus your time to ensure your finances are running smoothly. Managing your small business’s finances may be stressful, but there […]


Blueprint for Savings: Best 7 Tax Deductions for Engineers

If you haven’t yet filed your taxes and work as an engineer, check out these seven common tax deductions that could minimize your tax burden this year! Tax Deductions for Engineers Engineers can receive tax deductions for different aspects of their jobs. The best tax deductions for engineers follow. 1. Advertising You can claim a […]


President Biden Signs 1.9T Stimulus Bill, What Now?

After months of negotiation and deliberation, Congress finally passed an updated stimulus bill passed last week. This bill will bring relief to millions of people and small businesses in the form of economic relief and direct cash payments. It’s an important boost that will immediately benefit city, local, and state economies. Although millions will directly […]


Real Estate: Tax Deductions You Can Claim on Rental Property

Taxes can be tricky for real estate professionals. You might have a lot of expenses maintaining your properties, but how do you report those on your tax return? The IRS has specific restrictions on rental real estate income and how to report it, but they also offer deductions for many eligible business expenses. If you […]


8 Easy Steps to Start a Small Business In Florida

Florida offers a large population, several industries for small businesses to grow, and a year-round climate for visitors to the state. Starting a small business in Florida may seem simple, but you should still know a few things. Here are the steps to follow if you want to start a small business in Florida. Benefits […]


Sales Tax: How to Handle It As a Construction Company

Tax law is by far the most complicated field of law in the United States. And if the federal tax system isn’t enough, each state has different laws and requirements around taxes.  Small business owners have a responsibility to learn and comply with those obligations under both the federal system and the state or states […]


Tax Checkup: Best Tax Deductions for Doctors

You might be paying far more in taxes than you need or are even supposed to. If you’re not reporting all your tax-deductible expenses on your tax return, you’re likely leaving money on the table. This is especially true in the medical field when there are so many overhead costs that should be deducted from […]


What Forms Do Businesses File for Taxes?

Every adult individual and business in the U.S. is expected to prepare and file an income tax return each year. And every year, many businesses struggle to navigate the tax system’s complexities and determine their obligations.  Whether you handle your paperwork alone or hire an accountant to help with your small business taxes, you know […]


Tax Time: 15 Most Common Business Tax Forms

When tax time arrives, many small businesses will need to complete tax forms. The exact form the business needs will depend on several factors.  There are many tax forms that businesses will have to file. Here are the most common business tax forms and the basics about each. What Are the Most Common Business Tax […]