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Business Entity: What Is An S-Corp?

An important choice that all business owners make is how to classify their business. There are a number of different business entities to choose from, such as Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), Sole Proprietorships, and S-Corporations.  S-Corporations are a flexible option for an individual or shareholders to create a corporation. Its structure allows shareholders to avoid […]


Tax Considerations for a New Business

Here’s a universal truth: every wage-earning working person in the US will pay taxes either through regular deductions from paychecks or estimated tax payments, no matter your career or field. The IRS and each state prefer that everyone pays their taxes as they go.  The IRS wants you to pay in at least 90% of […]


Which Business Entity Is Right For You?

Have you been dreaming about starting your own business? Congratulations! But now what? There is a lot to think about when establishing your new business. One of the first steps for many entrepreneurs is setting up their business entity – whether you’re a rideshare driver, a real estate professional, or a graphic designer, setting up […]